The Most Important Dollar In Real Estate

A lot of factors come into play when selling a home. One factor is psychology vs strategy in pricing. So, which one is better $499,999 or $500,000?


The pricing mistake is offering a home for sale $1 less than a buyer segment. Most home buyers are looking for homes in increments of $10,000. Pricing your house at $499,999 may sound better than $500,000. In this situation you are only targeting the buyer looking for a house up to $500,000 and your home would be at the top of their budget. A buyer that is looking for a home from $500,000 and up will not see your house for sale, and it would be at the bottom of their budget.



By pricing your home in $10,000 increments it will be seen by buyers looking up to your price, and from your price up. Skip the psychology and focus on the strategy of putting your home in front of more people. It will bring you more opportunities to find the perfect buyer.