How To Make The BEST Offer Ever! (Expert Tips That You Should Know)

Making an offer on a home can feel like guesswork. Cameron at Colorado Team breaks down how to make the right offer so you don’t miss out on your dream home.

1. HOA fees: Offer to pay the HOA transfer fees.

2. Title closing costs: Offer to pay the title closing fee.

3. Earnest money: Offer more earnest money than requested, and consider having part or all of it become non-refundable at offer acceptance or after the home inspection period.

4. Inspections: Limit inspection objection items or take the property as-is.

5. Deadlines: Complete all deadlines as quick as possible for insurance, inspections, and due diligence.

6. Sellers Moving Expenses: Offer $500 towards sellers moving expenses.

7. Purchase Price: Most homes are selling over the asking price. We will talk to the seller’s agent and study recent sales to determine the offer price.

8. Due Diligence Period: Shorten or waive the due diligence period.

9. Closing Date: Choose a closing date that is a good fit for the seller.

10. Post Occupancy: Allow the seller to stay in the property after closing so they can have a comfortable move to their next home.

11. Buyer Financing: Have pre-approval completed with a good local lender.

12. Appraisal Gap: Offer cash over the appraised value.